First Reviews Of Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane!


“Of course, it’s a masterpiece. Throughout there’s a process of shedding the scales of his insides in an act of hilarious, up-beat and hay-making desquamation. The names dropped are the pieces of wood pulp that he turns into the paper, the fine particles that end up as the final word. And if ‘Zombie Sex Freaks’ doesn’t curl your hair some, then a) you need to check your pulse and b) go away. Home’s writing is the sexiest around.” Richard Marshall at 3AM Magazine.


“Mandy, Charlie and Mary-Jane certainly doesn’t disappoint, and, equally importantly, it’s perverse, it’s funny and, put simply, a cracking read.” Christopher Nosnibor at Christopher’s Headspace.


2 thoughts on “First Reviews Of Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane!

  1. Great reviews! Richard’s stuff is absolutely insane/amazing and Christopher is a writing machine. And the photos of thoses bubble butts make the reviews even more intriguing …

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