Eugenie Krafft reviews Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane for Richardson Magazine


Eugenie Krafft reviews Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane for Richardson Magazine: “Stewart’s Home’s new book, Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane, follows Charlie Templeton, a crack-smoking and possibly schizophrenic lecturer in cultural studies at City University of Newcastle on Tyne (CUNT). Between conducting rubbish seminars on Cannibal Holocaust and the Beverly Hillbillies, Charlie finds time to make love to his sleeping wife (Mandy) and unconscious mistress (Mary-Jane), bungle numerous attempts at date rape, put down a local terrorist cell, and expel the only student in his department insolent enough to complete assignments on time.”

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Above Stewart Home headstand reading in Los Angeles 3 March 2013. Stewart Home reading from Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie at Human Resources, 410 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012-1415. Home also read from Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane and Defiant Pose and shredded a copy of his novel Down & Out In Shoredtich and Hoxton. Also on the reading  bill were Jarett Kobek and John Tottenham. The band Babes played after the readings.

Edward S. Robinson on Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane!


“The simplicity of the prose in Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane belies the book’s theoretical complexity and the multi-layered functions. It was, of course, ever thus in Home’s work. While he has often taken an idea and run it into the ground over the course of a novel,  Mandy, Charlie and Mary Jane proves that Home is, if anything, growing more ambitious and more sharp in his  dismantlement of contemporary culture, and stands as a veritable explosion of ideas. As contemporary fiction continues to slide evermore into formulaic banality, Home’s writing seems more essential than ever.”

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Above: Stewart Home on Ocean Parkway in Bolinas, California – 27 February 2013. Home is standing near the former site of 226 Ocean Parkway where his mother Julia Callan-Tompson lived in 1976/1977. The house appears to have been one of a number of ocean side properties in the hippie colony that have fallen into the sea over the past 30 years. Photo by Rebekah Weikel.

Steve Finbow Interviews Stewart Home about Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane


FINBOW: All great artists have a famous doppelganger. If that’s correct, who is yours? Who is the anti-Stewart Home?

HOME: I think that’s false because the idea of great art is ridiculous. But if it was true I guess my doppelganger would have to be Pamela Anderson, who is seriously hot but shows no interest whatsoever in creating a new world without art or any of the other elitist garbage that characterises the reigning society…

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Above Stewart Home and his old friend the novelist Peter Plate in San Francisco on 28 February 2013.

Michael Roth On Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane


Michael Roth says “Stewart Home’s latest novel, Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane, is a brilliant satire on academia that begins simple enough then slowly devolves into a blood bath…” Read the full review here!

And Michael Roth has also interviewed Stewart Home about his new book – you can read that here!

As Michael lives in Canada there aren’t any pictures of him with Stewart Home on Home’s recent trip to California (they didn’t meet during Home’s sojourn) we’ve used something else. In the picture above you can see Home on the right with V. Vale of RE/Search and Blue Cheer fame opposite him on the left in the middle, and Marian Wallace beside Vale. Next to Home is Rebekah Weikel of Penny-Ante Editions (who published Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane). Hidden behind Vale is Jarett Kobek (both a Penny-Ante author and featured writer in the Semina series of experimental fiction Home edited for Book Works). Home is turned towards and speaking to writer Cassandra Troyan but she’s out of camera shot! The photo was taken in San Francisco on 28 February 2013 just prior to Home and Kobek doing a reading that also featured John Tottenham (who didn’t want to attend the meal before it).

Guardian Review Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane


“Has a notorious situationist provocateur really written a campus novel? Only at first glance!” Read Nicholas Lezard’s full review here!

Image above of Stewart Home and his ‘brother’ Dire McCain (Home claims to be Dire’s sister) at Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles on 3 March 2013. Photo © Richard A. Meade 2013.