Guardian Review Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane


“Has a notorious situationist provocateur really written a campus novel? Only at first glance!” Read Nicholas Lezard’s full review here!

Image above of Stewart Home and his ‘brother’ Dire McCain (Home claims to be Dire’s sister) at Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles on 3 March 2013. Photo © Richard A. Meade 2013.


2 thoughts on “Guardian Review Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane

  1. Congrats on reaching the Guardian. Nicholas has a couple of interesting observations I did not notice previously. And the comments for the review are almost as good as the review itself!

    What strange Eurosleaze film is this photo from?

    • Yeah Nick is one of the few people covering interesting stuff in the mainstream British press… He’s given a couple of my previous books equally fine reviews!

      And that still is from “Stewart and Dire Do LA!”

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