Edward S. Robinson on Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane!


“The simplicity of the prose in Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane belies the book’s theoretical complexity and the multi-layered functions. It was, of course, ever thus in Home’s work. While he has often taken an idea and run it into the ground over the course of a novel,  Mandy, Charlie and Mary Jane proves that Home is, if anything, growing more ambitious and more sharp in his  dismantlement of contemporary culture, and stands as a veritable explosion of ideas. As contemporary fiction continues to slide evermore into formulaic banality, Home’s writing seems more essential than ever.”

Read the full review from Paraphilia Magazine here!

Above: Stewart Home on Ocean Parkway in Bolinas, California – 27 February 2013. Home is standing near the former site of 226 Ocean Parkway where his mother Julia Callan-Tompson lived in 1976/1977. The house appears to have been one of a number of ocean side properties in the hippie colony that have fallen into the sea over the past 30 years. Photo by Rebekah Weikel.


2 thoughts on “Edward S. Robinson on Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane!

    • It would be nice to see Shift Linguals getting around more as Ed Robinson obviously spent a lot of time researching cut-up literature, has a lot to say about it and is also (rare thing for an academic) a good writer!

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