Hestia Peppe More On Herself Than Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane…


Hestia Peppe makes a lot of assumptions and misses a lot of humour while failing to review Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane by Stewart Home. She concludes: “People who love what they do (I swear, this isn’t about authenticity, it’s about motive) don’t care about being cult, they want everyone to love what they love, they are desperate to explain it. Preaching to a choir of apparent like minds, while potentially also quietly mocking them for enjoying your work and deriding in advance anyone who doesn’t is a ridiculous way to make art but more importantly seems like a half-arsed way of going about trying to destroy the novel-as-we-know-it. If you don’t want to blow everyone’s minds then you aren’t aiming near high enough…” Home isn’t mocking all of those who like what he does- although obviously he’s puzzled when some (not all) think he’s an anarchist when he’s not and he might mock those people but not everyone who likes what he does… He doesn’t expect everyone to like what he does, and said in interviews 20 years ago he thinks there will always be a divided audience of those that like and those that don’t like not just his books but any book or movie or piece of music… And if people don’t love what you do so what? It’s you utopian to think everyone will, it’s the kind of position you would expect from an anarchist. Read what is not a review but a typical bourgeois opinion piece here.


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