Promo Video 2 For Stewart Home Album Proletarian Post-Modernism Banned By YouTube!

You may have noticed YouTube have pulled this video for ‘innappropriate content’ because they obviously don’t understand proletarian humour, let alone proletarian cultural minimalism, and of course they fear proletarian political maximalism. However the video has been reposted elsewhere – see the blog post(s) that follow on from this one! Fortunately Google don’t own the entire internet although much of it is controlled by repressive corporations, so it is high time that we as a class censored the censors!

Stewart Home’s new album Proletarian Post-Modernism made Gina Snake piss herself – it’s so funny that you’ll wet yourself too once you order your copy here:…

Now you’ve watched a hot girl urinate support the artist behind this video by buying his record, and maybe even some of his books too! And while you’re at it don’t forget to check out some of the other videos on his YouTube channel – you might like the promo videos for the novels No Pity and Red London, as well as the prank calls to prostitutes there under the titles Sex Talk With A Hooker and Atomic Sex! And of course if you dug our female desperation video for Proletarian Post-Modernism, you’ll absolutely love the related promo Navel Torture With Porn Star Gina Snake!


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