As many of my readers will know, coilon is a noun whose meaning is testicle. I think I first came across the word towards the end of the Pardoner’s Tale, where Chaucer writes: “I wolde I hadde thy coilons in myn hond/In stede of relikes or of saintuarye/Lat cutte hem of: I wol thee helpe hem carye/They shal be shrined in an hogges tord…” In modern English this would go something like – I wish I had your bollocks in my hand/instead of saint’s relics/I’d cut your balls off and help you carry them/they’ll be enshrined in a pig shit…” In the spirit of low culture – and high culture hadn’t been invented when hacks like Chaucer were writing in Middle English – I propose to post complete bollocks on this blog….

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