Promo Video 2 For Stewart Home Album Proletarian Post-Modernism Banned By YouTube!


You may have noticed YouTube have pulled this video for ‘innappropriate content’ because they obviously don’t understand proletarian humour, let alone proletarian cultural minimalism, and of course they fear proletarian political maximalism. However the video has been reposted elsewhere – see the blog post(s) that follow on from this one! Fortunately Google don’t own the entire internet although much of it is controlled by repressive corporations, so it is high time that we as a class censored the censors!

Stewart Home’s new album Proletarian Post-Modernism made Gina Snake piss herself – it’s so funny that you’ll wet yourself too once you order your copy here:…

Now you’ve watched a hot girl urinate support the artist behind this video by buying his record, and maybe even some of his books too! And while you’re at it don’t forget to check out some of the other videos on his YouTube channel – you might like the promo videos for the novels No Pity and Red London, as well as the prank calls to prostitutes there under the titles Sex Talk With A Hooker and Atomic Sex! And of course if you dug our female desperation video for Proletarian Post-Modernism, you’ll absolutely love the related promo Navel Torture With Porn Star Gina Snake!

Richard Marshall On Stewart Home’s Proletarian Post-Modernism Spoken Word Album


“Stewart Home’s ecstatic absurdity is an assault on modern culture bringing a Homeric pre-Socratic anti-Platonism to the table on the twin-back fun-ride of the funky German materialism started in the 1850s and the materialist-based Marxism a little later…” Read the full review here!

Above: Stewart Home reciting from his novel Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie at the Barbican Theatre in London while standing on his head.

Felix L. Petty On Stewart Home’s Proletarian Post-Modernism Spoken Word Album


“H(om)e’s forged something of an anti-career in merging the sex, violence and cheap thrills of pulp into the non-linear narratives of the Surrealists and the playfulness and politics of the Neoists. A Stewart Home novel is generally not for the faint hearted; replete as they are with sexual perversion, violence, social critique and Marxist philosophy…” Read the full article here.

Above: The girls party away the fag end of 2013 – while in the background Stewart Home, Thurston Moore and Tim Wells, discuss the finer points of sixties soul music. Richard Boon was also present and actively participating in this animated exchange – but he’s obscured by the back of Stewart Home’s head!

Alan Byatt on Stewart Home’s Proletarian Post-Modernism Spoken Word Album


“Absurd, crude and comical extracts are showcased in typical Stewart Home fashion offering an intelligent analysis and perspective on contemporary culture from one of Britain’s most prolific and controversial literary figures. Known for baffling critics and audiences with his non-narrative books and experimental art, ‘Proletarian Post-Modernism’ is a much more cohesive piece of work, playing like a beginners guide to Stewart Home…” Read the full article here!

Promo Video 1 For Stewart Home Album Proletarian Post-Modernism


Stewart Home’s new album Proletarian Post-Modernism drove Gina Snake competely crazy – it’ll drive you into a sexual frenzy once you order your copy here:

Mandy, Charlie & Mary Jane Makes Nick Lezard’s Pick Of 2013 In The Guardian


“In a rather different vein, Stewart Home’s Mandy, Charlie and Mary-Jane (Penny-Ante Editions), part scabrous and hilarious assault on cultural studies, part vision of madness and hell, is as gloriously offensive as anything this author has done before.” Read the whole of Nicholas Lezard’s Guardian best paperback books of 2013 article here.

Bill Breedlove On Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane


Before: Having never read any of Mr. Home’s work before, I was an almost perfect audience for this book—I had no expectations at all, and after laughing out loud at the first couple of paragraphs, I was hooked. To that end, I feel like this should be registered as: N/A /10

During: If one is not easily offended, and not a slave to traditional narrative, this is one of the most consistently funny and enjoyable reading experiences one will find anywhere:  9/10

After: As engaging and fun as it was to read, upon later reflection, a feeling like consuming an entire cake—feeling slightly sick but steadfastly saying “I regret nothing!”—ensued.  More accurately, perhaps, would be “a filth hangover.”  8/10

Read more here!

Above: Stewart Home performance at Building F in London’s Stoke Newington on 23 November 2013.

Michael Roth On Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane One More Time!


Under the influence of Kenneth Goldsmith and ‘uncreative writing’, the fabulous Michael Roth reworks his original review of Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane by running the words in alphabetical order!

“& 69 2005 7/7, a, a a a, a a a a a a a a a a a a a a about about academia, academic achieve action afterlife against all all Allen along.  Always always an an an, and and and and and and and and and and (and) and and and and and and and and and and/or, Andre Ann any anyone appropriately are are, are art art’s artists as as as as as. As as as ascension. At at at at at avenues bath be be, be, be becoming begins being believed believes believes. Belle de Jour Belle de Jour beyond Bites Blair blank-faced, blogger blood bombing, bombings bombings Bombings both (brilliant brilliant) brought Buddhist but but by campus Cannibal Canon, carry caught (cell Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie). Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie’s City class classes classic, “Classics Coldplay comes completely, comprised concludes…”

Read the full review here!

Above: A photo to prove that Mandy, Charlie and Mary-Jane appeals to readers of all ages!

Maxi Kim On Mandy, Charlie and Mary-Jane


“…an ‘uneducated’ guy like Stewart Home, who never got his degree, can produce more cultural studies provocations, more Deleuzian Bodies without Organs, more Hegelian paradoxes per page, in short – more cultural impact than any credentialed, tenured cultural studies lecturer I’ve had the misfortune of having to sit through…” Read the complete review here.

Above Stewart Home and a close friend enjoying a dirty weekend in Brighton on the English south coast.