Want 1000 Facebook Likes? Why Not Pay To Fail?


The piece of spam below for buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers is one of the most expensive ‘offers’ for this con I’ve ever seen. But what amazes me even more is that it is worth some scammer offering this service because you’d think everyone would know by now that you don’t just need likes on Facebook etc., you need to get the people who’ve liked you to interact with you page for it to be effective in building your ‘brand’. If those that have liked your page don’t interact with it you’ll actually be penalised by the Facebook algorithm – they test how popular each of your posts are by putting it in a few newsfeeds of people who’ve liked your page. If those people then don’t like or comment on your post it doesn’t go anywhere much else unless you pay Facebook to put it in more newsfeeds.

If you buy Facebook likes then the fake profiles that have ‘upped’ your popularity aren’t going to interact with it. It is better to have fewer likes from people who are actually interested in what you do than to pump up your apparent popularity with bought likes. Besides which, it is better to be unpopular – immediate success is just a sign of fitting in too well with trends in contemporary culture and is a sure fire indication that there will be no lasting interest in your schlock.

And notice that the scammer(s) who sent out this message have even put a copyright notice on it. Newsflash for would-be ‘business people’ – even in a capitalist society you can’t copyright material connected to a scam. The ‘service’ you are offering is not just worthless, it is actually damaging to those that ask you to perform it for them; and it breaks Facebook/Twitter rules. Even in a capitalist society you can’t copyright material connected to this type of scam.

Subject: Want 1,000 Facebook likes / Twitter followers?
From: Chris @ Simple Leicester info@simpleleicester.com
Date: Mon, April 28, 2014 12:23 pm
To: (email address removed)

Hi Bunny Space

I hope you’re well. I’ve been told that you are currently a decision maker for STEWART HOME SOCIETY.

Not happy with your current Facebook or Twitter numbers? We will add 1,000 likes or followers within 72 hours!

Has your Twitter followers or Facebook likes saturated? And no matter how hard you try it’s not increasing at the rate you want?

Today we can give your Facebook or Twitter profile a boost and increase your respective number of Fans or Followers within 72 hours, often within 24!

What we’re offering today

1. We will add 1,000 likes or twitter followers

2. We complete our work within 72 hours

3. We do not require any passwords or login credentials

4. All work is lifetime guaranteed

5. All work is completed discreetly and professionally

6. Finally, you do not pay us a penny until we’ve completed our work! (Normally we require full payment upfront)

Okay, how much will it cost once completed? We’re honest and transparent. Once we’ve completed our work for 1,000 likes or followers, we will invoice you for £199 + vat.

What if for some reason you’re unhappy after completion? We’d like to think this won’t happen, but in the worst case scenario if you’re not happy or have not paid the invoice within 7 working days, we will remove our likes and followers.

About Simple Leicester To date, we’ve added over 1m likes and followers to our clients Facebook and Twitter profiles. We are a UK business and have worked with PR agencies, online shops, music labels, film distributors and companies like yourself. We have capacity to add 70,000 likes or followers per month. We want to work with businesses that are conscious of their online reputation and understand how important a good Facebook / Twitter page will reflect on their business.

The Next Steps: This email has been sent to over 10,000 businesses within the area, however we are limiting this offer only to the first 20 requests, on a first come first served basis (where we will complete the work with out any payment upfront!). So please do be quick, or forward this on to the relevant decision maker. You can reply to this email and one of my account managers will pick this up or you can give them a call.

1. Reply to this email

2. Request online – http://www.simpleleicester.com <http://simpleleicester.com/marketing/facebook-twitter&gt;

3. Call us on 01164 105 105

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