Dennis Cooper on Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie


“Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie is also an anti-novel that travels through the murky terrain of invisible literature. Its author, admired by fellow awkward-squad members Iain Sinclair and Tom McCarthy, has produced an exhilaratingly squalid volume. It is almost wholly bereft of any conventional narrative arc and is best understood as a plunder-text cannibalising and reworking the language of emails, spam and pornographic discourse in the service of a mordant satire of the contemporary art world. It’s unlikely to get its author invited on Start the Week. And yet, while it’s crude, as childish as Viz, and may very well have been slung together over the course of a long weekend, it’s also as funny and as critically incisive a work of para-fiction as I’ve read for some time.” Read the full review here!

Above Stewart Home photographed by Stewart Home on 14 September 2014.