Glass Magazine Interviews Stewart Home About Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane


“The works of Stewart Home are often morally devoid. This isn’t something the author particularly aspires towards, they’re just by-products of the avant filters he applies to his art… When Glass meets him, he isn’t the anarchist dynamo that we expected but more of a taciturn conjuree of arcane knowledge – a socially awkward tidal wave of obscurity. Face to face, there is not a glimmer of the sardonicism or Bacchanalian free-falling of his despicable characters.” Read the full piece here (but note the transcript of the conversation is in places inaccuarate).

Above: Stewart Home at El Saler-Estany del Pujol between the forest and the little lake. In the 1990s Valencia was the centre of rave culture in Spain… lots of illegal clubs were running right across the weekend in the area just south of the city of Valencia (now a national park and also a European rice growing area)… partying for the whole weekend entailed lots of drug use and rumour has it there are still many bodies, a lot of cash and also pills and dope hidden in the forest…. This was known as the Ruta del Bakalao AKA Ruta Destroy. Stewart Home went to investigate and research with the photo above being taken on 12 April 2013.